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Green therapy: how gardening is helping to fight depression

Sydenham Garden feels out of step with its surroundings in urban south London. Fringed by houses on most sides, with a school on its doorstep, it is hard to imagine that this small patch of green space is bringing a new lease of life to people struggling with their mental health. More:

Can a tattoo help you overcome mental health problems?

That unmistakable buzzing sound floods the Sydenham tattoo parlour like a swarm of wasps descending on a summer barbecue. The needle carefully traces my design, making me wince, but within 30 minutes we’re done. More:

11 new affordable homes approved

11 "permanently affordable" homes on a small site previously occupied by disused garages Carlton Terrace in Sydenham. More:

Fatality at Penge East

A person died after being hit by a train in Penge earlier today. British Transport Police were called to the Penge East Station at 11.50am after reports of a casualty.More:

Fire at a recycling warehouse in Cricket Lane, Beckenham

Around 80 firefighters are tackling a fire at Chris Carey’s Collections warehouse in Cricket Lane, Beckenham. More:

Forest Hill stabbing: schoolboy fights for life

A schoolboy is fighting for life after being knifed in broad daylight around 4pm on Monday 25th March in Dartmouth Road. More:

Dragonfly Yoga Studio to open in Sydenham to help tackle knife crime

Dragonfly Yoga Studio launched in Brockley in 2016 and is now set to open a second base in Sydenham High Street to support troubled youths. More:

Ssssomething nasssty in a Sssydenham woodshed

A stray snake has been rescued after it was found curled up in a garden shed.
Rescuers arrived at the shed in Lower Sydenham in the nick of time. RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Mat Hawkins explained that corn snakes are not native to Britain. ‘It wouldn’t be able to survive for long in the wild here,’ he said. More: